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Are you thinking of buying binoculars for your next trip to the sea or for a hike in the mountains? You don’t know which ones to choose? The secret is to know how to choose the right binoculars.

To make it easier for you, has put together a comprehensive buying guide that answers the question in detail how choose its binoculars.

Take into account the technical characteristics

Beyond the shape, design, and aesthetics, the technical characteristics of binoculars are essential elements to consider before deciding to buy.

The first criterion to see is the magnification of the binoculars. Next, see the diameter of the objective and the diameter of the eye circle or exit pupil. After that, you will have to look at the twilight index and the luminosity index. Finally, look at the field of view and the focusing system of the binoculars. To help you understand all these terms and the technical features of the binoculars you are going to buy, we have taken the trouble to explain and define them one by one through this comprehensive guide.

Choose your binoculars according to your needs

As it is strongly advised to choose your binoculars according to your needs, we have taken the time to explain and advise you on which type of binoculars you should choose according to your needs. For example, if you wear glasses, you should choose binoculars designed specifically for viewing with glasses. Also take advantage of our selection of the best models currently available on the market. We tell you about the different characteristics of the latter.

For each pair of binoculars its use

It is also good value for money. Plus, all you have to do is make an informed choice. We have also taken care to provide the best advice on choosing binoculars for children. It is also advisable to know your child’s needs, because it depends on the choice of binoculars that are suitable for him: binoculars for children or toy binoculars? Which binoculars should I choose if my child wears glasses? Do these binoculars have the ideal weight for his child, are they too bulky? In short, we answer all the questions that go through your head in order to remove your doubts. So you can buy your binoculars with peace of mind. You will also find a selection of the best marine binoculars and birdwatching binoculars for those who wish to observe animals.

Know the different types of binoculars

Before buying binoculars, you should know the different types of binoculars. Very briefly, these are binoculars for show and opera, binoculars for animal watching, marine binoculars, hiking binoculars, hunting binoculars, safari binoculars, binoculars for astronomy, binoculars for children. Choosing your binoculars depends on what you plan to use them for. We’ve identified all the key points for each type of binocular and explain them in detail in this guide.

As a bonus, you will find our selection of the best binoculars for each of these different types. You can find the best models and information about each product. Plus, you get our tips on where to buy the best binoculars. Just click on the link if you want to know more or if you want to buy the model.

Discover our selection of the best binoculars

If you are looking for specific binoculars but don’t know how to choose them, you have come to the right place. Indeed, we have taken care to select the best night vision binoculars.

Choosing this type of binoculars is quite complex given the number of technical features that you need to consider and know about if you want to ensure the performance of your binoculars. To help you learn all about the features of binoculars with night vision technology, read our comprehensive guide.

If you’re wondering where to buy and how to choose the best binoculars with spotting scopes, you’ve come to the right place as we give you a detailed explanation of binoculars with spotting scopes such as the design, strengths and drawbacks of the device.

A guide to the best binocular purchases

The links to the models in our best binoculars selections appear with the model in question to make it even easier for you.

It is also possible to have high performance binoculars without spending a small fortune, for more information, our selection accompanied by details on the best cheap binoculars is at your disposal, through this complete guide, accompanied by the criteria and the various precautions to take.